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February 2005 Issue V:1


Fay Aoyagi

withered grass—
Feng Shui and aromatherapy
failed to work


yesterday's shirt
tumbling in the dryer
I hum a Bob Dylan song


Valentine's Day—
headless mannequins
in the maternity shop



Chad Lee Robinson


in the dark earth
of my brother's grave:
my footprint


mountain peak—
losing her one step
into the cloud


lingering heat—
sucking the color out
of a popsicle




Ann K. Schwader

hot afternoon
mourning dove fans
one wing           the other


wishing I
were Georgia O'Keeffe
morning glory


late sunlight
his pictures on the wall
nine years after



ed markowski


year's end
the cabooseman's lantern
swings into the mist


window display
how tenderly she handles
the male mannequins




Sue Stanford

over the crest
the wet road snakes


wedged tight
to the city skyline
city cemetery


new shoes
in every puddle
unbroken blue sky



Andrew Riutta


one by one...
      letting go


new snow:
even the meaning
of our words is muffled


the turtle waits
for its shadow




Cathy Drinkwater Better

of the hunter's moon
something moves through underbrush


following it
all the way to town
this deepening rainbow


gibbous moon---
only half-sure
of your apology



Jim Kacian

flood season the endless stream of reportage
returning the loon's chuckle my laugh
situating the church the many gods that have to go  



Joann Klontz

deep winter
a hooded figure squeezes in
the greenhouse door


airport queue
a security guard
separates our family


fresh flowers
on the Garden State Parkway
restroom counter



Raffael de Gruttola


through the autumn mist
the steeple
of an abandoned church


its empty shell
touching it, I shiver


reading Chrysanthemum Love
I start from
the back of the book



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