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May 2005 Issue V:2


paul m.

coming nor'easter
all the coins
younger than me


we walk in silence
a sea stone
not there at high tide


winter parting...
the man in the moon
still eludes me



Jörgen Johansson


boy on a tricycle
carefully inspecting


cold Sunday—
walking by myself
with her


two grebes diving
i hold my breath




Richard Stevenson

school of catfish —
bigger, blacker shadow
than osprey's wings


wedding by the lake —
two synchronized kites
dip and dive


chrysanthemum moon —
my reflection wavers
in the water flow



Deborah P Kolodji


Dungeness pots
on Fisherman's Wharf
claws still moving


a grayer fog
trying to navigate


warmer days
he tells me the fifth season
is mud




Allen McGill

my shadow washed
by a wave


graveside flowers~
talk of lesser things
around me


distant islands
diffused by the mist
an empty pier



Dietmar Tauchner


unknown sound...
opening the door
to the moon


midday bells
a patch of snow melts
between graves


the snowplow clears
my nightmare




Kate Steere

evening rain
another tall tale
with wine


roasting apples
the ashes
of a love poem


day old snow
a dusting of
plum blossoms



Robert D. Wilson


cold night
my reflection
sipping coffee


bowl of udon—
a steamy whisper
this moonless night


early spring—
the rock i lean on,
dissolves into spiders




Laryalee Fraser

leaden sky
a sunflower leans
on the fence


spring rain
a rusted chevy planted
among the weeds


distant thunder
a crow loses
its shadow



Scott Metz


empty playground—
all of the flowers
they couldn't reach


mountain road—
the ocean and cicadas
trading curves


a packaged squid
and the impression
from its own ink



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