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August 2005 Issue V:3


Elizabeth Howard

storm warning
thin blades of fog
windmill across the pond


eye exam
doctor and I compare the ravages
of breast cancer


hat in the wind
thistledown spins
over the hillock



Irene Golas


bitter cold—
the dog's bark
runs away from it


I leave the hospital
cradling flowers


mother's funeral...
the prickle of wings
between my shoulders




Shane Bartlett

After ashes to ashes
the porchlight coming on again
at the old family farmhouse

cleaving another day from my life the crescent moon

New state
   same sky
   same stars



Carlos Colon


backyard workshop
a pull chain snaps the shadows
back into place


traffic stop
Mercury aligns
with Saturn


Labor Day
a kiteful
of sky




Marian Olson

rising moon
the white owl

a quiver and my dog retrieves his purity

her face when she pulls off
the mask



Laura Orabone


summer storm
the sound before
the wet


lonely night
the cats and I paint
all the doors red


in the old sandals
my footprints




John Stevenson

a big diamond...
just imagine
the pressure


morning clouds
blue bottles
on the windowsill


her hug
makes me think about
what's in my pockets



Ferris Gilli


family reunion
a patch where bluebirds
used to nest


morning sun
cupped in a mushroom


house for sale
incoming robins
circle a rain pool




Scott Metz

the way
a firefly makes...
the two of us breathe


daffodil scent
in every row
of the library


afternoon rain...
again the simple sound
of Frogger...



Petar Tchouhov


full moon
an orange from the bowl


running water
the dead fish


night train
at the end of the corridor—
a firefly





no sleep
me and this errant


a starless backdrop
behind the crescent moon
scattered showers


sunlit log
mantis hatchlings
pile high



Saša Važić


And so I stumble
through my dreams
sitting still in silence


Far from home
gazing at the wing
of a butterfly


Pedaling to the grocery
after my doubtful illness...
How fresh the air is!




Kevin Paul Miller

sunny day -
sweet music fills
the busker's cup


late afternoon
in a darkened room
light finds her face


pawnshop window -
the moon's reflection above
my old guitar



Vanessa Proctor


underwater observatory
the grouper's eye
level with mine

crescent moon the curve of a lyrebird's tail

awake all night...
this hotel room
so far from home




Stanford M. Forrester

Zen garden
watering it
with gravel


the toddler's flashlight
left on...
August moon


the crow too

-to Santoka & Hosai


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