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August 2005 Issue V:3

Southwestern Haijin Spotlight

Naomi Y. Brown

Naomi Y. Brown was born in Japan and learned from her father how to write haiku at age eight.  In high school her Japanese language teacher encouraged Naomi in her haiku and tanka writing.

In 1951, Naomi married Clayton Brown and moved to the United States.  She realized the possibilities of writing haiku in English in 1983, after reading R. H. Blyth's Haiku (Hokuseido Press).

Since then Naomi has published two collections of haiku, Season's Enigma (Yucca Books) in 1989 and Haiku Tapestry (Yucca Books) in 1996.  She writes haiku and tanka in both Japanese and English.  Naomi is listed in Who's Who of American Women and Who's Who in the South and Southwest.  She is a member of Haiku International Association, the National League of American Pen Women as well as the Haiku Society of America where she previously served as the Southwest Regional Coordinator.


   I sing "moonlit desert"
   a song of my youth


winter sky...
   whitecap after whitecap
   on the Japan Sea

peeling an apple
   my grandson's eyes
   follow my fingers


in me
father's love of flowers

at last
the potted cacti bloom
   long morning tea


moonless night
   driving desert highway
   the North Star

my car keys
locked in the back seat
   oleander blooms


he died in battle
   between pages of Manyoshu
   dried forget-me-not



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