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November 2005 Issue V:4


Aurora Antonovic

pressed between the folds
of his letter –


at the cemetery
wishing I still belonged
to someone


in the moonlight
whispers of Keats
against my neck



vincent tripi


  Stop where i
intend to build a pond
look-up at the moon
also a road kill the carpenter ant
      the grasshopper riding




Ed Higgins

splitting wood
the axe arcs
deep into winter


on the path
going barefoot
to dance


over the barn
nets the stars



Vladislav Vassiliev

    giving in
to softness of your hands -

fast train
a young couple kissing

empty perfume bottle...
the last remaining hints
of morning haze



Marian Olson

roadside gust
    the hitchhiker lets
her short skirt flare

  to the horizon
mounds of snakeweed mimic
white clouds
    cosmos surrender
to the hard rain
end of summer



Jim Kacian

different again tonight the same stars' wobble

up into the sky
the airplane rides
my belief

after the ambulance sirens still there  



Deborah P Kolodji

gleaming water
tide pools exposed
by the moonrise

cucumber salad
the cold look after
a breakup


seagull moon
the sky still blue
this evening



David Giacalone


squinting to see him –
another generation
sent to right field


fallen blossoms –
just another tree


mom's arthritis
acting up again–
I take two Advil




Francine Porad

beachfront continuum . . .
within each turbulent wave
a tumble of stones
  in the fabric’s
swirl pattern
    French movie
with Spanish subtitles—
the plot thickens (I think)



Frank Critelli

    water's edge —
my own cupped hands
full of sunlight
  turning Japanese —
her flushed face
on the white pillow
October —
the tired clicks
of the last cicada





Helen Buckingham

starry night...
his turn
for the nit comb


bedridden spring...
with the leylandii


in the sports pages:
yesterday's daddy-long-legs




Laryalee Fraser


new neighbors —
apples hang on both sides
of the fence


a star
from out of nowhere
her smile


new winter boots
the moon arrives
on the front porch




Bruce Ross

heat lightning
with the deep rumbles
the crickets
  4th of July
silence of the fireworks
from a country road
    not minding
the drizzles at all
water lilies



Margarita Engle

I reach for a scrap
of light
after a nightmare moon on still water
country road
between weeds and barbed wire
a drifter's guitar



Andrew Riutta

apple wine
his story better
the second time


midday heat
the carpenter's tool belt
full of plums


the back
of a woman's knee
endless summer


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