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February 2006 Issue VI:1


Keiko Izawa

winter loneliness
the warmth of
the old cat's tongue
  heated argument...
in the soup bowl
a closed clam
indian summer
the faint taste of lemon soda
on his lips



ed markowski

i've got to begin
  long kiss
we peek
at the same time
meditation hall
every monk
is nothing in disguise



Ann K. Schwader

sculpture garden --
the criticism
of ravens
the morning glories . . .
summer's end
    blue light
threads the lavender



Robbie Gamble

a regular pulse
heat lightning
collector's lipstick
his sneakers dangling
from the telephone wire
cloudless sky



Helen Buckingham

morning neuralgia
the bus
throws its shadow
  feet in the harbour
    City dusk...
a single grey



Dru Philippou

    the desert
in the still wings
of a dragonfly
  cymbal clash
the silence
opening between them
Indian summer
two women on a bench
discussing hot flashes



Aurora Antonovic

unforecasted snowfall
his letter
in my inbox
  bitter wind
the old man’s
empty pipe
    chipped tombstone
not even the memories
are perfect



Bruce Ross

    wave after wave crash
I begin to remember
something lost
  Rosh Hashanah
around the fruit trees
deep morning mist
autumn rain
on a draft horse's belly



eric houck jr.

once i too
believed in magic
winter's ache in my bones
  widow's moon
the scarecrow
with mended clothes
    midnight snow
only the streetlamps notice
how quietly



Kevin Doran


day planned for the hammock –
the top buttons undone
on your blouse . . .


years after –
the same shrine
and effigy


boxing day –
hung-over from irish
christmas cake




Elizabeth Howard

hands on hips
three boys stand
by the fresh grave
  deep in the woods
only the hermitage
covered with snow
    a wide river
splashing rainbows
of naked children



Peggy Willis Lyles

    a backhoe
stalled in goldenrod -
low sun
  a lantern
in the pothole -
the net
into deep water
clearing sky



David Giacalone

last week of the year
ice floes rush
to the waterfall
  january thaw
motionless trees
tremble in the river
    hazy winter moon
the face I met
when our skin was smooth



Margarita Engle

    old barn
freshly painted
the hex signs
all the seagulls
fly sideways
in a long dream
time travel



John Stevenson

first snow. . .
settling into
old feelings
  autumn rain-
certain thoughts
that I can’t shrug off
the interval
between park benches


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