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February 2006 Issue VI:1

Southwestern Haijin Spotlight

Agnes Eva Savich

Agnes Eva Savich began her haiku journey the year before she got married. A graduate of Northwestern University with a BA in Comparative Literature, she has always written poetry and prose. She first wrote haiku for a silly daily online contest. It started with very elaborate poetic three-line "haiku" in 5-7-5 syllable structure. More research, and the discovery that the Haiku Society of America's website contained an entirely different breed of haiku, led Agnes to discover the rich and meaningful world of true modern haiku. She has been published in Frogpond, Acorn, Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, paper wasp, and Simply Haiku. Her work will also appear in the next Red Moon Anthology, as well as in a book currently being written by Ferris Gilli.

Agnes is also the creator and moderator of an online haiku study circle called The Tadpole Society, a group within the larger Pathetic Poets Society (pathetic.org). It is a group of about 70 diverse international members - from retirees to corporate workers, students to single mothers - who participate in monthly contests, critique one another's work, and discover the potential of haiku. She also loves to participate in the Shiki Monthly Kukai, as well as being a member of the WHCworkshop, Haiku Talk, and the Haiku Society of America.

Agnes currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and baby girl. She works from home designing websites, hand-crafting necklaces, and writing a travel memoir.



early spring



a skipping stone ripples the mountain
  cloudless sky
reaching the peak
I notice another
crescent moon
a wedge of blood orange
bursts in my mouth
  frozen morning-
a dip into sunlight
from car to office
quitting time
the smell of rain
in the lobby
  a dead dragonfly
skitters along the sidewalk
autumn wind
the same moon that my ancestors beheld  


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