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May 2006 Issue VI:2


John Stevenson

city moon
of renters
  skating partners —
my sense
of her balance
    my uncle
was the kind of man
the wind blew away from



K. Ramesh

    misty dawn —
shutters open
in the tea shop
  blue sky . . .
she tunes
my guitar
spring morning —
the faded cap
of the gardener



Laryalee Fraser

the tilt
of the quarter moon —
his empty bottle
  for a moment
the world shrinks —
wild violets
    driveway puddle —
ripples from last night's



Dietmar Tauchner

gender god gone deep in the woods

spring hike —
nothing written
on the trailhead sign
the moon's



Denis M. Garrison

huddled herd-
their breath rises
and drifts


harvested field
faded mouse trails
follow the rows

among the burnt trees
ravens pace


Gregory Hopkins

  summer ends
deep is the silence
between two friends

how I must look

I rake
the ashes



Kala Ramesh

cow emerges -
the dry weeds knotted
on his horns


midnight -
the rains pour
with such fury


tapering monsoon
from different sides of the hill
sound of cow-bells


Bruce Ross


a junco hops
under the back porch
December chill . . .


from icy branch
down to icy branch
the distant moon


old frozen snow
the Japanese garden closed
by a simple gate




Tom Clausen

night train-
the part of myself reflected
in thought


sharp curve-
a weathered cross
nailed to the tree


the message I sent
from the Dalai Lama
comes back


Matthew Paul


winter sunrise
the pavement-sweeper
waits for me to pass


another year -
two flights of pigeons


finding myself
staring into space -
the shapes of graffiti




Dustin Neal

a fly still in
the cobweb


early thaw—
slowly draining
the baptistry


under the willows
fo ot pr in ts
collecting rain


Andrew Riutta


early thaw
I imitate myself
as a child


it comes and goes
without a sound
evening mist


not one fossil
among these stones
graveyard parking lot




Allan Burns

pointless thoughts...
the hawk has vanished
beyond the ridge


leafy breeze
the puddle shows
it's still raining


caught in barbed wire
—circling hawk


Minerva Bloom


no leaf argues
over where to fall


Dia de las Almas-
sweeping a gossamer thread
off the offerings


winter beach-
the distance between us
as you speak of ghosts




Francis Masat

crows –
at home
in right field


soap bubbles
his dreams


new bridge –
the old stream
smaller now


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