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August 2006 Issue VI:3

The Scorpion Prize for Best Haiku/Senryu of ISSUE VI:2

The Scorpion Prize is a commendation for the best haiku or senryu of an issue. It is announced in each current issue for haiku/senryu appearing in the previous issue. The award is adjudicated byone of the editors or a guest judge. A short summary of the adjudicator's thoughts about the haiku are presented. At this time there is no cash or gift award, just kudos.

First Place:

from icy branch
down to icy branch
the distant moon

by Bruce Ross

This haiku is traditional  in style. It is a poem where movement,  tactile, and  visual elements all reflect and reinforce  its  tone and depth.  When reading the first two lines, one expects some kind of winter bird to present itself, but there is a twist between the last two lines and there is no bird,  but a distant moon.  This is a poem of self realization because the branches are bare, covered with ice, there is no where to hide.  Perhaps it is also a poem of loss.  What is most impressive is the poet's ability to use the movement of the moon to creates all these feelings.  The moon is not close, the moon is not rising, but it is in decent, hence leaving the sky.  It would be a different poem if the moon would be climbing from branch to branch, but this does not happen.  This is my take on this haiku. Either way it is a wonderful poem that deserves recognition.

Stanford M. Forrester

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