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November 2006 Issue VI:4


Dietmar Tauchner

via appia
i walk back
in time
deep inside you  no more war
lilac scent
all the secrets
we share


Carla Sari

    river stroll
he talks
about his life of crime
  moon eclipse
    I wax
my facial hair

beauty contest
the lissomness
of wild deer


Deborah P Kolodji

moon rock
behind the glass
summer divorce
  the whine
in your voice
mosquito fish

the wait
for low tide


Miriam Sagan

    pink lily smell—
a hunger
I can't fill
  a small quarrel
Venus and Jupiter
conjunct the moon

facial tic—
snow coming in
off the plains



Graham Nunn

only silence    in the shell
at dawn
    autumn leaves
    almost a poem    spring rain


Diane Wakoski

    A hummingbird, red
throat poised over the roses:
the dream I forgot
  How different we
are, despite our love for truth:
Fiddlehead and Bibb
If only music
had filled the cathedral.  Not
sandals, whispering. 


Charles Trumbull

lying abed
awakened by
a pile
of adobe bricks
she won’t change her mind
    how can I believe
the words of the woman
in the heishi necklace?


Robert Hecht

clearing fog
hills and sky
redraw each other
opened peach
my heart feeling
its dark center
garden store
Buddhas sit
according to price


A. Thiagarajan

up the hill-
a girl pulls me
and my headload
autumn evening
at every episode he asks
who is the hero, who is the villain
she sees a number
in her palm


Bruce Ross


  an old wall
just an old concrete wall
summer haze

time and again
the spider misled
summer rain . . .


short sea ferry
the young girl's hair
up to the clouds



Laryalee Fraser

of the harvest moon
the barn door open
northern lights...
the distance between
suitcase packed —
the weathervane
points north


Francis Masat


noon –
a boy steps in and out
of his father's shadow


humid night
across a field — soft sounds
of people


October moon –
ghosts and trick-or-treats



Ian Daw

first incision -
a sparrow vanishes
in the sun
bells fading in the wind drifting seeds
winter dusk -
the wood grain fades
to wood


Helen Buckingham

fight over
the last of my dream
  old school
the coldness
of the triangle
Indian summer                            
another half-cup
left in the flask   


john martone


tell me

you are


a fallen sycamore’s
          up again






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