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February 2007 Issue VII:1


marlene mountain

the weather its scattered mood
autumn catches up the colors of rust behind the shed
on the brink another christian war


Dru Philippou

a flare of birches
the way the river
quenches the light
blooming jasmine
a final shift
of the weathered trellis

lilac fragrance
not yet shaped
by the wind



Jeffrey Winke

crescent moon
in its dark hollow
thoughts recede

layer themselves
tight doorway
    behind that
smirking face
her skull


Helen Buckingham

Leonids night . . .
picking a pomegranate
autumn cancelled -                  
blossom on the line

church cactus
its own advent



Martin Gottlieb Cohen

winter sunlight curls into the surf


winter rain
buzzards drip
from the water tower


the sounds of mallards fall to the next pond


Patrick Sweeney

    tang of scallions
will I
be missed
  heat of day. . .
little trouble to save
the green spider

today I let
the heron
cross the sky



john martone

a fossil
         to face you
  3 mushrooms
    my color
    one stone
reached out
to you


Marie Summers

mid-spring . . .
the walls swell
under new paint
Easter morning . . .
her shadow finds
the egg
your softness
I fall
into you


George Swede

trapped in a tree
the white plastic bag stretches
to where the clouds go
  sunset . . .
the eastern sky evokes
more memories

    morning after
the wind has blown all the clouds
into my head


Robbie Gamble


cold rain all day inside twilight deepening
All Saints' Day
sweeping up glitter
from her halo
squad car echoing blue off the yoga studio  


Anatoly Kudryavitsky

bamboo stems-
their memories
of the sun
exploring a length of breath autumn wind
an aspen
outside the Deutsche Bank
counting its leaves


Dhugal Lindsay


hakumei-no otoko-wa shima-yo zakuro kuu

in the dim light
I am an island. . . picking at
a pomegranate



negi muku-ya e-no houtaijuu-no niku

peeling a shallot...
the meat that lies within
my bandaged limb



arazuyu-no kurage kakera-to nari oyogu

gusts of plum rain
a piece of broken jellyfish
still swims



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