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May 2007 Issue VII:2


Dietmar Tauchner

winter night
the secret life
in a lit house
  night wind
   the rhythm
      of the universe

  no more words
the rain
over the sea


marlene mountain

hemlock's hidden roots i feel for mine
stuck in the mud reeds full of spaces for nymphs and me

another thought i need washes out


Ian Daw

almost dark -
more space
between the hailstones

  inside her the heat fades from our clothes
    evening clouds -
Fenrir comes
for the sun


Glenn G. Coats

an iron man
the shadow of a flag
opens and closes
the Spanish guitar
a forest of ice

bird songs
under the shopping carts
freezing rain



Patrick Sweeney

black puddle
heart receives
the red maple leaf

new tea
even I'm



dried saffron
what I've taken
from the world


Susan Constable

    drought –
the snake coils
a rainbow
  silent night
my fingers find
all the right notes

dying embers
she changes from lace
to long johns



Ann K. Schwader

stiff breeze —
a forsythia's

the white hours
till spring
daylight savings
she wonders
what for


Peggy Willis Lyles

first snow
she says God
is a good man
maybe  not
     the seedlings thinned

blue butterflies
a knife without a handle
on the lichened stone


Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

Neon light
like a carpet
on Ghost Month waters
  The year I'd stay
becomes seven...
a grasshopper's landing

    Spring for me…
still asking much
of Mother


Kala Ramesh


running downhill
        I fall through
              the autumn sky

weathered field—
waiting for the buds to bloom
not by name


  this quiet lake
   allows me to break
           the clouds peak



Ashley Rodman

dark eye
towards Jupiter

blossom soft
on the leaf
    warm night
below the quilt
dark mushrooms


Philip Miller


the icicle ‘s last drip frozen    winter wind



insects hum
in one held chord—
autumn haze


biting off my words in time        distant thunder



Laryalee Fraser

another spring
same old creak
in the gate

grandchild's laugh
the accent of violets
on my tongue

birthday balloon
my knotted


Victor Ortiz

  slot canyon
our few words
in deep shadow
  desert trail..
enough distance
between us

by the desert wind
we plan our future


Fay Aoyagi

wind from the east
I ride the green horse
of a warrior deity

incantation to defrost
a butterfly
wintry woods
I follow the trail
of the Karamazov brothers




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