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May 2007 Issue VII:2

Southwestern Haijin Spotlight

Dru Philippou

Dru Philippou was born on the isle of Cyprus, raised in London, and currently lives in northern New Mexico. She completed her MFA in Creative Writing at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado. She teaches poetry at the University of New Mexico.

One of her recent creative essays, "Haiku Geometry," is featured in the February 2007 issue of Modern Haiku. A selection of her poetry has been featured in the journal Tiger’s Eye, spring 2006. Her haiku and haibun are widely published and anthologized. She received two nominations in 2006 for the Pushcart Prize; one for an haiku and one for an experimental poem. 

She says: “The haiku is the dominant part of my writing. It takes me far ahead of what I think I know and symbolizes my capacity for creative vision.”

big blue of sky
the chickadee's
heightened song


crows lift in the air
the shift of
shadowed pines

fistful of asters
a way of holding onto
the entire sky

crescent moon
the child swivels
on her mother's hip

up among
the sound of sparrows
broomcorn stubble

double moon
a circle of women
share the sacred vessel

deer bones hollow sound of the wind


end of summer
a brown ale bottle
on the roadside

falling star
a deeper stillness



abandoned pasture
row of crows
on the sagging fence

Some of these poems originally appeared in Acorn and Modern Haiku.


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