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August 2007 Issue VII:3



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far blue mountains
if only I'd held
my tongue

among the reed shadows
the noon blue heart
of the butterfly

Patrick Sweeney




last snow, in the woods,
like the underlining
of an obscure passage


does your language
mention the moon?


of commuting
of uneventful merging

John Stevenson





A winter night:
Deeply asleep,
I am a cat


A red ant
Stretches space and time
On a camellia


Petals falling . . .
Finally, I go
Along with them


Inside of me
A bowed homeless man
Collects the rain

Jack Galmitz




deep in the raindrop    a blade of grass

Graham Nunn




the shapes of clouds . . .
neither one of us
is right


dead of winter
someone with
the wrong number

Collin Barber





     turning from my
      leaves tossed in rain


     alone on the sill
a pear
      with age spots


     between waves
scuttling gulls
      working the gaps

William Ramsey




sunny hillscape           
a silhouette in yogaasan
takes on color


slicing wind
     the skylark alone
knows the pull

Kala Ramesh




me slowly pouring
into the not-me


pain fading the days back to wilderness

at the last moment preparing for the next


a breeze and my mind on to other things

Jim Kacian





a mission fig
cut in half

Peggy Willis Lyles




sharpening a blade
on a whetstone - how far
we've come back


lingering heat...
a young man snags
a sidewalk butt

Andrea Grillo




River festival willows swaying  her yukata

Guy Simser




spring dig—
a worm recoils
from itself


in the rain
bounces back

Helen Buckingham




no fruit to offer—
the elephant searches the air
blesses me still


we walk all day
to see the other face
of the great hill


quiet bell chimes . . .
the temple elephant
on a midnight walk

Shyam Santhanam




high beams
the darkness
behind me


ordinary time
the darkening
of stained glass

William Kenney




  I watch as
the word fox vanishes
autumn begins
the wind stops
I find myself here
in a far place
  night coming
whitened by the wind
  a star
millions of wings trembling
in the cave
Peter Yovu




She expands
and contracts
a cock crows


The same problems
the same reactions
raining again

George Swede





missing you
in a phone box full
of burnt holes

Liam Wilkinson




spring mountain the lowest clouds right through her


cold morning
the subway window
with no reflection

Bruce Ross




overnight creative nature wrote a peony white  
  too old for next year's irises
unsettled as february disappears
if i were a spring centipede would all my legs hurt
marlene mountain





razored through
to the void

Ann K. Schwader




falling into
the space between our spines—
full moon


between the shadows
and spring—
the color red

Dana Duclo




  coyote choir
we wake beneath
next season's stars
Allan Burns




red peppers
the things he said
laid out in front of me


after the fight
the boxers’

Rose Hunter





wild oats
spilling from my daughter's braids
evening light

Josh Wikoff




Saying it for you
cutting winds
on the mudflats

泥地上 凜冽的風 我為你而說

Any bus or train leaving Hiroshima at dawn

長崎的早晨  撘乘公車或火車離開都好

The point of autumn warm water hits the spot

秋分 溫水喝起來真過癮

Getting blown beneath desert stars take me now

沙漠星空下  品蕭  讓我死去吧

Paul Pfleuger, Jr. (trans. Zhao-Yan Chen, 陳召燕)


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