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February 2008 Issue VIII:1



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my body
minus my dreams
a strangled squid

David Kowalczyk




come with me, she says—
the swollen river
runs brown

white wind the eyes of the dead seal missing
Carolyn Hall





autumn chores    I buy myself a machete

Cherie Hunter Day




green for a few words gray green
heaven’s mall holograms ride up-only escalators
a night of dense fog no vacancy
John Stevenson




  winter silence
what's finally heard
Curtis Fisher




   back of the house your voice lights a candle

Gregory Hopkins




a thread worn hole in the illusionist's hand
from someone's baby a smile that knows me

far from home a ghost crab floats in the rain

Ron C. Moss




in bed
failed attempts
at private meaning
Eric Burke





goddess of regeneration
beside the evergreen

Ed Baker




nudging ghosts
of fringed gentians
the autumn wind


winter’s day
the alternating regions
of a bird note

Dru Philippou




a butterfly december rises to meet it
a year left to smirk us
this year even last and before i've fallen short of myself
birds wait on my thoughts to disappear into seeds

a cold wind scraps of paper languish in my mind

marlene mountain





I sang for your wedding bath, your wedding bed

J. Zimmerman




His floating ribs mackerel sky
Reeperbahn lamppost anonymous moths
Guy Simser




Dawn glows on the edge
Signaling the departure
Of the windy dead

Eric Greinke





more waterfalls
from her ears

Scott Metz



    facing the abyss
  exhausted after
orgasm: the branch
where a crow was
one breath
millions of bats streaming out
millions of bats streaming in


Peter Yovu




the god going round
the street houses




whale bones
so unlike mine:
cold sea wind
Mike Dillon



  what I left behind
was not left behind
New Year's Day
Victor Ortiz



A darkness so deep
I am surrounded
by gold beetles
A neon message
for every pore...
becoming night
Pure brightness
an ordinary dream

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.



chest caving under the spring sky's blue

lightning flashing under my eyelids up my ankles

Dana Duclo





she lifts one child--
the underwater years
of dragonflies

Peggy Willis Lyles


gets into my head
linen fresh


pussy willows all roughed up ...

Tyler Pruett



A Wake
Of mockingbirds

Earth curves
At places
A bowl of leaves

Kalpana R J

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