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August 2008 Issue VIII:3



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another shoeless evening
at the bottom
of the world
  lilac scent
straight to
my purple heart
  entering barefoot
the scent
of lemon
for nothing
rainy headed boys
tic tac toe
another cat's game
in the universe

nose pressed in boletuses
I could not be found
in this world
Patrick Sweeney




down all the alleys
of seventeen


between branches
between bones
winter fog

Ann K. Schwader




who knows
who knows who knows

by the light of the pine do not resuscitate
dust devil on a dead planet
a sharp wind your tears around the corner

  year after year
of zeros
blue eyes
John Stevenson




within the stone the sandstorm
through me the reedy night harmonica
Billie Dee




why not the june sky lingers in one star's blue light

Andrea Grillo




maintenance required and rain and rain


this dandelion
inside my chest

   two walls of green pulling us deeper

Dana Duclo




  the rain opens
thousands of eyes
in a peacock
your last breaths
I am breathing
with you for you
and sometime
  the wind turns
and turning takes on
a body of many
bodies, blackbirds turning
into light
in a seed I don't know the answer
no season
what this moment needs
is a penguin
  down the long hallway
of a telescope
my howling eye
Peter Yovu




The door to my throat opens :: the only thread shining
Standing alone :: there is a coffin :: too small for my days
Go into the knife :: a cup of black clouds to drink
Is forsythia the wrong destination  
Grant Hackett





Use masks when you go
Down to the barrio place
And just cover your face

G. David Schwartz




Oh, only two eyes
to see this:
the sky full of lanterns


behind the death mask,
this is God, too

  Such is autumn:
if I cry, I cry
I must face this grave
  I was born here
with those cold angels
and their trumpets
         Let me keep you in this vase.
That sound pigs make with room to move
But I found myself in these waters that run by the church
Capturing a butterfly the American in me
Paul Pfleuger, Jr.




when in doubt i ask the spreadwings
in the ever-changing compost to ponder
tennessee crop circle food prices rise in outer space
where blood shouldn't be young leaves of dogwood
marlene mountain





the sun
sketches me a moon

Helen Buckingham




  concealing the lover
revealing the loved

is it the loved
or the lover,

     I see you
Sabine Miller




altered memories
birdsong tugging
at the sky

Carolyn Hall



blue waves where the body washed up  


this is the road I'm on:
snowfall thickens

Mike Dillon


that time of day
sunlight on water
water on sunlight


George Swede





Victor Ortiz




whodunit mystery—
the winter moon clears
its throat


a dark hole
in his laughter


Capitol garden
I teach roses
to be quiet

under Buddha’s eyes
a janitor sweeps
yesterday’s petals


Fay Aoyagi



into the whys of the river bend    the pied-billed grebe
white dew   the crow stretches out its caw

from tomb to boneless tomb the black redstarts

John Barlow




on the tips of her fingers
crushed moths

John W. Sexton



in the surf
the breath of clams
Patrick M. Pilarski



. . . don't worry snake the stars will get us both
  aphrodite . . .
winding kite string
around a dowel
  chill night
losing its shape . . .
confucian dream
nothing is swifter than a rumor clouds

startled by the shadow of a spider walking stick . . .

Tyler Pruett



wind-borne seed
         I have
         my doubts

Peggy Willis Lyles

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