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February 2009  Issue IX:1



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  over the mountain                clouds no one
for the ocean to end
his birthday no longer a party

no way
to correct the dead
our shadows outgrow us

Gary Hotham




shadows of seeds on their way
toward old as the hills ungracefully
slow rain a brain stuffed with drought
sun pull arm shot with electric shocks
dawn no longer up to me
marlene mountain




sun on the horizon
who first
picked up a stone
    no one to greet me
the evening sky
called 'shins of angels'
paul m.


what light there is—
my skin
bends the flame
    the moon outside—
a moment
before I bleed
  into winter—
her old voice
makes new words
Ian Daw




the wolf
in the moonbuzz
echolocation the dark purple sounds crossing the bridge
asleep even in this dream the lions need meat
walking with the hyacinths green city
Mike Andrelczyk




such innocent questions — sunflowers
I see the iris
and its stamina
and am blue
Charles Trumbull




red gold water
the trout’s footprints
crossing a bedouin sun

Clare McCotter




purple milking the space between sea urchin spines
Billie Dee




when you sleep
your thoughts are green
the strange call of dawn
    leaf shadows on
the ground sway from
the secrets of war
the old woman’s breasts
a raven
Chris Gordon



A heartbeat that moment two avatars touch
I’ll linger here knowing the type of star you’ll settle on
Kind words stacked neatly before it gets cold

Here they come
right to the brain—
mountain orchids



Paul Pfleuger Jr.




planina planini
cvet vetra

from mountain to mountain
the flower of wind

sa juga
putuga more golo
stakleni brod
from the south
the naked sea is at peace
a ship made of glass
Tatjana Debeljacki




  Whirling dervish lights
Water’s flame in blue and green
Ever still, twinkling.




ankoku-no wa-ga nodo tooru shinsousui

through the pitch dark
of my throat it passes
deep sea mineral water



shinon-no kasuka-ni kikoe nazuna tsumu

my heartbeat
just perceptible. . . i pick
some shepherd's purse

juzudama-o te-ni taifuu-no kuru kehai

in my hands a typhoon
gathers strength

Dhugal Lindsay




windfall apples
what I think about
what I think


to whom it may concern cottonwood puffs

Carolyn Hall




Slow swing of willows through my own fault
  Deep winter. . .
pulling all
my punches
Twilight in the arrangement of stones
Patrick Sweeney



  this early darkness quitting time
fever dreams arrive as mail with tainted attachments
pretty sure my red is your red

unable to find the middle of the night

  winter morning where we left off yesterday
John Stevenson



mostly water
           just like that
                   you turn to snow
           part of the
                             milky way
     hands bare
           all winter
subzero schoolyard's an empty ice crystal
          sparrows' huddle-bush
                size of my chest


now youre on
                    an unpaved road
                                              & don't know where
john martone



deep winter
I walk the wind
into twilight

Laryalee Fraser



a fork in the
the road turning into a
a clock
  I am falling where
falling wears me
found dead
somewhere a mirror
gives birth
  where am I here  
Peter Yovu



loss:   in a rain of feathers     a howl

chaos:   in a clay jug, gathered

faith:   accepting the wave, a dying seal's flipper

William M. Ramsey



  Nothing brings her back
Not a crystal sea
Not a pink cloud
To a wet dream—
  What mystery there was
In the blue night and black house
Is us
    An old man
Surrounded by the sound
Of a thousand starlings
Jack Galmitz


my past replaced in the train of thought
an eye for an eye blossoms unseen
my mind wind's child
Dietmar Tauchner


southard's deathday. . .
in the ganges
  han shan
will carve my name
into a stone
Tyler Pruett



Of hue

That mold

we grew
  the third atmosphere || a school of fish receives communion
A legion of snails between lives
    In the ivy of my lungs
Pompeii is born
  A needle

A knife

A love

Of flight

To switch

The respite

A beetle's

Secret life
and back to the heart leaf vein
Jason Sanford Brown


traps in the mountain which sleeps
  Chinese New Year
a tail is growing
in every shadow
Fay Aoyagi


trees free of tree free of trees
twilight my right mind escapes me
Helen Buckingham


clear day turns stars stare back

something in that moon I'm going to regret

last stop all the trains of thought shuffle out
empty sky all I have are these issues
Rob Scott


with the same finger pulling the trigger or not

  completely in the dark
the view from here
and now
just spring the glister of seeping waters


  the soft
Sunday morning
air god
gets the last
Jim Kacian


       fists exploding
a delicate school of air

above the road-wind
Russell Brickey


between the woods the quiet voices of the brook
John Barlow


where the old house was winter wind
coal au cars tu clicking mn wi by nd
Philip Miller


a snake across leaf month


  rose thorn
would summon the color
of its rose
Mike Dillon


how long did we know
before we knew?
Peggy Willis Lyles


  on the sea rocks
iguanas dreaming
of Darwin
George Swede


cutting sea slug
so where is the start
and end of life
Removing blankets from the last wrong forecast of the year.
The youngest cow
sniffs my new mocassins and
I recall the Year.




A snail
Dreams a blue dream
On the back of a leaf.


from The Haiku Universe for the 21st Century (Modern Haiku Association 2008)

R.H. Blyth


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