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February 2009  Issue IX:1

Gendai [21st Century-Modern] Haiku Translations

by Hiroaki Sato


Fujiki Kiyoko (dates unknown)


Fujiki started publishing haiku in 1933. She became a prominent figure in the Shinkō (New Rising) haiku movement, and disappeared in 1940 when its leaders were arrested for advocating liberalism and “anti-traditionalism.” Practically nothing else is known about her.

One feature of Shinkō haiku poets was a rejection of seasonal elements, but Fujiki often employed them. The haiku selected here were all published in the magazine Kikan   (Flagship), which played a leading role in the Shinkō movement.



In an old bed a devil grabbed me by my black hair



Pity the stokers at the ship's bottom summer has begun



Early autumn's good ocher-colored my limbs my body





In winter rains I'm listening to a nurse's tale



            An Oppressed Wife’s Memo


Lonely spring a wife lives as if she were machinery



The quiet sound of a falling mosquito resounds in my body



Through my temples a locomotive dashes dark



            A parting


Trees budding officers and men quietly return



Fingerprints of desolation everywhere clouds white



On the tatami of August a woman has grown fat



Katydids my perspective gradually narrows



In a monks' quarter I swallow down painful love



I wouldn't want war and women to be separate



Boy going to war reticent the sukiyaki singeing cooks down



Killed in battle all his thirty-two teeth untouched



Under a clear sky healed I smell my own loneliness



Having gotten used to the depth of war I love a dog



Not being the widow of someone killed in battle loneliness



Friend's husband in a distant battlefield the sea glistens



I turn off the lights and enjoy the solitude of solitude



Having lived single-mindedly I’ve lost my goal


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