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May 2009  Issue IX:2



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old pond water under a microscope

moonlight meets a forehead halfway

morning correcting my shadow posture
John Stevenson




When I yawn civilizations collapse worlds are born
Wayne Mason




At crystal sphere’s
north pole —
the continent of dust
    For two thousand years
scrolls in a cave — the Dead Sea
has no butterflies
In the cave’s dream
the light becomes
a white snake
  In fresh fallen snow
the travelers’
temporary fossils
  The first dandelion
that's what each one
thinks it is
  white hydrangea —
the secret return
of dinosaur light
John Sandbach


seven suns
phases of geometry
in her bones

seven suns
the wrench floats
in our common dream

  seven suns
on a sycamore leaf
seven suns
few have known
the taste of demons
  seven suns
the hollow in your dream
filled with eyes
Michael Dylan Welch




seven moons
the globe from my childhood
out of date
  seven moons
the shopping list
includes condoms
    seven moons
a pale scar
from the rooster’s beak
Tanya McDonald




so quickly no one's sure
a star
through rushing clouds
Allan Burns




we are what we eat crow caw
  autumn falls
down the mountain
a little each day
  offering left for the god of the way raven takes it
  tiny figures along the vast shore briefly

five till they are one and none geese

Jim Kacian




their wings like cellophane remember cellophane
Lorin Ford




  rain hits a clear
plastic umbrella
fear of documents
Michael Fessler



My job one raindrop Listen


Another field cloudless sky becomes a revolution


Jeffrey Beam





   the axe blade shines
     with rain

Mike Andrelczyk




  wind bitten trees I promise an ode some evening in Mexico  
    all I want:
the apple seeds
of Cortez
watermelons tossed off the train whispering Spanish  
Michael McClintock




                            slammed by salt and sun
the paint has no chance in this mexican prison

before the firing squad
                the perfect ash
of a last cigar

throughout the night —
the shipwreck memories
of the lighthouse

David Caruso




As we lift our broken ships :: I feel my eyes go silent

If I'm crushed by a mountain :: haven't I said who I am
Holding a branch of the rain :: how many will I be
With sad decisions that chain my birds to your sky
You can't push mountains with a broken voice

If I eat dark clouds :: whose path am I on

Grant Hackett




neon buddha
the endless rain
of mercy
  the distant hills
look like buddhas
without neon
    the long wait
to cross the border
neon buddha
  garbage strike
the neon buddha
eats the rainbow
neon buddha
the exclusivity
of rhinos
Michael Dylan Welch



    gray day
the yellow bird
a black hole
  into her bed
of roses
my buzz
George Swede



  the wasp
makes the window
more English

Doug Kutney


ghosted summer the bee hedge is the sound of sunlight

John Barlow



an outbreak of laughter
red bees
storm the brain
    at the end of the tunnel
did you see the light
glinting off the bullet
a gray mist
no one on the bridge
between hemispheres
on this beach I could walk for miles along your thigh

Peter Yovu



damp sand ripples cold salt wind

the breath beyond the breath that fills the reed

nothing in a nutshell All Souls' Day

taking down
the spite fence
all ears tuned to the closing bell
Peggy Willis Lyles



in one ear out the other train whistle
Chad Lee Robinson


as if
all things
were possible
a dandelion
summer i go nowhere twice
Gregory Hopkins


  bronco of her rising
the humid night
of a lost promise

taken suddenly
into a glitter of I…
a dervish of you

  bathed warmth
admiring she who
admires herself
Jeffrey Winke


she’s reaching for the red
chicken something passes
in front of the sun
    the lump in my
pillowcase a pair of your
panties I’ve never seen
  finger thick with
blood an orange in your
drawer flat on one side
the old water glass in
the red dark I pull
a hair from my mouth
    under the cutting
board the flattened
ants look just like ants
Chris Gordon


my yearning to spend a night inside a tulip magnolia
mustard blossoms and I waiting for the cue
  city twilight —
the autobiography
of a weeping willow
    fiddle necks —
I remember my life
as a butterfly
blue rain    a smile only Picasso would admire
Fay Aoyagi


opening her robe against forgetting distant music
cloudshine a flock of sparrows glittering into speech
snow on a wind the vowels howl like a wolf
  for fish, I fish
for sorrow — I can do nothing
with sorrow
in love, repelled
and attracted
Michael McClintock


autumn receding the crow becomes the fog
Patrick M. Pilarski


night spiders armed with red pens

Helen Buckingham


'it's better than it was' overcast dream
close to someone in the stars white seeps inward
dawn a jury of my peers or dusk
ode pool its colors slow into the sound of melt
as the world fails saxophone in the lips of a walrus
universe on tv i could be alive in
Marlene Mountain


  The Chinese Astronauts
Were all born
In the same fortuitous year
  Their wives dress
Like stewardesses
The Chinese Astronauts
  The Chinese Astronauts
Their suits are different
Made in separate countries
The Chinese Astronauts
Aren’t able to touch
Their own faces
Chris Gordon


mockingbird an octave shy of the moon
stardust the whole desert wanting

maybe it’s just me but with a sky this blue

Billie Dee


winter's end
the steady trickle
of goals

Rob Scott


blue sea walking up to the bench under a single tree
K. Ramesh


  summer day from every angle the hummingbird’s throat
Carolyn Hall


nightfall in Kyōto yet another vermillion torii
Dietmar Tauchner


I leave my heart
to the sasanqua flower
on the day of this journey.        

(his death poem, found here)

R.H. Blyth


  fugue state
I’m wearing the ocean
on a date
fugue state
the breath of skulls
to triangulate
Jason Sanford Brown



  being told
my world view
this forest floor
thinking of a mushroom
thinking of a hunter
  leaves that won’t
fit anywhere don’t
fit anywhere

but how does it really feel open peony

where the sky becomes empty laughter

while imagination is a daffodil surrounded by daffodils

Scott Metz



Many lives watering the cactus

眾多生活樣貌 灌溉著仙人掌

Coming to light
in the room full of books
our sonogram

靈光乍現 充滿書的房間裡 我們的超音波照

In the cubicles
the kafkaesque
of a persimmon

在隔間裡 一棵柿樹的卡夫卡式


Thinking in right angles
                                 up to the sea's edge


A redwood forest
at Threat Level Orange
. . . post-everything

紅木林 橘色警戒 後萬事


With light still getting there
down the spine
of a banana leaf

隨著光線 還是來到芭蕉葉的葉脈

Paul Pfleuger Jr


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