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December 2004 Premiere Issue


Michael Dylan Welch

hummingbird at the window
    —my blink
           startles it away

  second trimester—
a package arrives
with baby clothes
    blue water
  blue sky
     the breakup
  a stack of unread books—
  rain blows
against my lamp-lit window
cafeteria line—
the good-looking girl
looks at my plate



Ferris Gilli

washday moon
the cicada's husk
perching on a shirt


possum tracks
a crop of mushrooms
in the okra


first anniversary
the redwood seedling
tall as a straight pin

  noon heat
I see the sun
in a dog's eye
dog days
garden-hose spray
kicks up dust



Jim Kacian

March sun and garden begin to move  
  autumn sunset
a man can't quite outrun
his son's new bike
    ancient mounds...
imagining the builders
in their own language
  rainy day
the left hand
after a while beneath the hose the black earth glisters  


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